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Who are we?

BEBAU is a company registered in 2011, but it acts on the portuguese Market since 2005. It's a 100% Portuguese Brand which brings basic model, comfy clothes, made in Portugal with the best textiel, and mainly made for Boys and Man.

Actually, BEBAU also has a lot of clothing for girls and women, we constatly search for new and beautiful styles, always bringing the best quality/price for you.

Our clothing is sold here, online or at Facebook, Instagram. There are already some selling stores at Lisboa, Porto and Algarve.

The BEBAU collection, brings all seasons fashion and draws. Contact us for more information about re-sellingn.


When I arrived at the BEBAU store at the Kids Market, I fell in love with a series of sweatshirts. I bought one for Martim and one for Magdalene, and in the end he said he was pretty sure his oldest brother would like his sweatshirt. Said and done: He liked it and I already ordered it.

in Cocó na Fralda